I don’t like water chestnuts.

They were in my soup today.

I felt bad for disliking them,

and ate them anyway.

Most of them.

Halfway through my soup,

I realized, I don’t have to like them.

If I don’t like them,

I don’t have to eat them.

After all, I’m an adult.

Three sit at the bottom of the bowl.

I don’t like water chestnuts.


my ailment


I think I am infected,

I must be quite ill,

I don’t know where I caught it,

I’m not sure if there’s a pill,

On the outside I look fine,

But internally a mess,

I don’t know how to cure it,

I haven’t the slightest guess,

How long will this ail me,

I need some sort of clock,

I am sick of feeling this way,

Sick of writers block.

Just Indulge


I recently finished a series for the cutest little Boutique in Oakdale, California. The shop, Just Indulge, features some amazing artist and local artisans. I’m so grateful to be showing in a cute boutique gallery. It reminds me what it feels like to be an artist.

Rethinking the past


I have been working primarily on commissions lately… lots of peoples pets. I started to revisit some of the pieces I really enjoyed working on in the past. I decided to select a piece and highlight the process of painting it.

This was one of my first large pieces that I painted for the sheer desire to expel emotions. I listen to Gravedigger by Dave Matthews Band for days on end as my inspiration.

I was frustrated with my schedule of work, class and life (or lack there of) I squeezed in minutes of painting between each outing… and felt as though my head was going to explode. All I wanted was more time to paint. To mitigate and cranial damage, I created Angst.

To this day it serves as a vibrant reminder of busier times, when I was chomping at the bit to just paint, unfurling my love of color, emotions and self expression.

What I really love about art is how it can be interpreted by the audience in various ways.  It can speak all languages and tell many stories.

What does this piece say to you? Leave a comment…


Art in Life

Sometimes you take the long route in life.  Sometimes you are sidetracked or completely turned around.  Sometimes you get lost.   

In my case, from Colorado to California, I decided to take all the scenic, less snow riddled routes. It added hours to the trip but it also added some amazing views, plenty of time to think and some great conversations.

This stroll reminded me that art is in every little nook – just open your eyes and look… but you must be willing to add a few extra minutes on to an already exceedingly long drive, pull over, turn around, hop out in flipflops and freezing weather, stand in awe, snap some pictures and then resume along the road ahead. 

Always try to remember to enjoy the journey and the process. Here is what I luckily came across along the 89. Enjoy!

“The true traveler never arrives.” 

                                          – Edgar Degas

Colloquialisms gone awry


There are many common day sayings which are not quoted properly. Some are just semantics, changed in small measure but some, by leaving off a few bits and pieces, have lost their true meeting in the tides of time.  My personal two favorites are here below…

1. ” curiosity killed the cat” … the actual idiom reads “Curiosity killed the cat and satisfaction brought him back.”   In leaving off the second part of this message it has a totally different meaning. Curiosity is not a bad thing, with it comes knowledge, experience and of course the satisfaction.

2. ” the world is your oyster”…  this is Shakespeare, and should be remembered as “The world is mine oyster which I with sword shall open.” Life is not just hand it to you it’s something that you have to go after, grab hold and sieze.

Go ahead, spread the word. We need these adages back in their proper form.

To which we are awake

Recent Projects, Thoughts

I came across a piece of wood. Not drift, more like a slice that had once been in a pallate gang. It grabbed my attention. So, I grabbed it. 

Already sprayed with intermittent azure, I dyed the rest of the bored board, blue. Begining with mandalas I tried to give it a new purpose. A voice.

With displeasure, I sanded away the poignant Thoreau truism. Again, I began to dye… the other side.

There are two sides to every story. The ambiguity of this, yet to be told…