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I once met a dog, a Labrador through and through but with the intellect of a seasoned old man and the flirtatiousness of a collegiate jock.

His name is Champ and he lives up to it.  When you lock with Champ’s gaze, he has you and your heart soon follows.  Meet Champ, and love him, as I do!

Jimmy and Jen I hope you two approve the rendition of your Champ… through my eyes.


Space Cadet

Recent Projects

Have you ever felt like you were floating… disconnected from it all, out of whack, not in orbit.  I have!

My mother has a term for it, she calls it being a “Space Cadet”. I never thought that fit, those guys are one echelon under a Rocket Scientist, and that, ladies and gentlemen, I am not!

This painting was born out of that incoherent suspension from reality. It’s a bumpy one out there so hold on to your tushies… and just enjoy the ride.

FloatingFloating – 20″ x 24″

Wakan Tanka

Recent Projects

“Wakan Tanka” was the supreme creator, “The Great Everything” to the Lakota people.

The buffalo was a emblem of just that; he symbolized all of life.  Alone, this animal was able to provide the Lakota with shelter and clothing from its hide as well as ample sustenance for their tribe.  The buffalo became a symbol of abundance and in return became a figure of their gratitude.  

Wakan Tanka

Wakan Tanka – 20″ x 30″