A penny for your thoughts

Recent Projects

One of my favorite guys has long since been Abraham Lincoln. From his character to his stature he has always interested me.  An added bonus… my boyfriend  grew up 6 miles from where young Abe was hanging out, teaching himself to read. And there is that uncanny height thing too – so it’s kinda like I have my own version, not that I’m bragging.

But, I digress, the point of this is not to talk about my Abe-esque man friend. No no no, this post is meant to boast about my fiscal responsibility and crafty prowess.

I saved a ton of pennies, so many in fact, that I lost track and plum stopped counting. I set them in the Fort Knox of all tupperwares and let them oxidize. Penny-rich and feelin’ crafty, I painstakenly affixed them one by one onto a freshly painted TV tray. 

All 342 of them… then I ran out of coin. Flat broke in the penny department. I need 162 more pennies to finish the project, so if anyone is in dyer need of seeing the finished masterpiece, just send me a message and $1.62… 

I will leave a dab of advice for anyone with the huburis to attemp such a feat… measure your surface and divide by a penny’s circumference (3\4 in).

H x W ÷ Abe = Not running out of money

And some from Ol’ Abe…

“Most folks are just as happy as they make their minds up to be.”

Have a happy day!

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