Word Fighting

Poetry and Prose

I wrote a sad poem earlier today.

Got the words out so they wouldn’t stay.


I let them crawl off my hand down my pen,

Though I didn’t really want to see them again 


I looked down, I realized that they were just wiggly words.

Scrambled up letters, invented by nerds. 


I observed these puny paupers on paper,

And how exponentially their power could taper.


I can strike and scribble and doodle as I choose. 

And I betcha my eraser these words’ll lose


When it comes to a battle of strategy and wit,

These measly words could still learn a bit.


So, if you’ve got words giving you guff,

Roll up your sleeve and loosen your cuff.


Let the words slide down and splash on the pad,

And I tell you what, you’ll be happy you had.


Once they’re all there, and you’re the boss,

Well, now it’s time to play a little word toss.


Negatives and nay-sayers, out they go,

Now it’s just you and happiness running the show.


You can pop a prefix on one and BAM it’s undone,

Or rearrange some letters just for fun.


Grab your quill and get to writing,

This is not about poetry, it’s about word fighting.


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