At the Fair

Poetry and Prose

I woke up on a Mary-go-Round,

Dizzied by hoards roaming the grounds.


Everyone spinning like clockwork, in gear,

The masses glazed, grinning from ear to ear.


Machines spitting tokens: “You won, You won!

Eat this foot-long corn dog, here’s another one…


Belch and giggle and slurp down these bubbles.

Now, jiggle back to the show and forget all your troubles.


Up to 70% off, and for a limited time

A mystery auction… entry? A dime.


Neon flashes highlight the air-

Vapid messaging- SALES everywhere.


You may miss out, grab them while they last!

The Jones’ bought two!  You may be outcast…


Hurry, Hoorah, let’s Celebrate and spend,

Why else would God create the weekend?!


Step right up, and don’t be shy!

You may be a natural, just give it a try!


Three tosses for ten, five for twenty,

You don’t get a better bet than that for your money!


And just might you be our next lucky winner?

For a whole year’s supply of microwave dinner!


Black Friday is here – Oh My – what a deal!

Back to Monday my dear, now how do you feel?


How long will it take you to earn back what you doled?

Just buying and eating and doing as told…


So entertained, we are at the fair!

Until we fall asleep; and wake up still there.


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