Art in Life

Sometimes you take the long route in life.  Sometimes you are sidetracked or completely turned around.  Sometimes you get lost.   

In my case, from Colorado to California, I decided to take all the scenic, less snow riddled routes. It added hours to the trip but it also added some amazing views, plenty of time to think and some great conversations.

This stroll reminded me that art is in every little nook – just open your eyes and look… but you must be willing to add a few extra minutes on to an already exceedingly long drive, pull over, turn around, hop out in flipflops and freezing weather, stand in awe, snap some pictures and then resume along the road ahead. 

Always try to remember to enjoy the journey and the process. Here is what I luckily came across along the 89. Enjoy!

“The true traveler never arrives.” 

                                          – Edgar Degas


Sweaters in July

Art in Life, Thoughts

Yesterday Gobstopper sized hail started gushing out of the sky. It’s July. In Montana. It has been in the eighties and nineties lately and absolutely beautiful – we were reminded yesterday about Mother Nature’s bipolar disorder. 

It was the first day since my 30th that I have worn anything but flip-flops and shorts. I had a hard time figuring out how to put on a sweater.  

Luckily some kind citizen took it upon themselves to protect and care for a very lucky soul in the area.

And she wears it well.